Welcome to the Weed Genomic Data Repository - an online repository of genomic and transcriptomic information for weed species. The repository is updated on a regular basis in include information for new weed species. The repository currently allows for searching assembled transcriptomes via annotation keywords or nucleic acid strings. Results can be downloaded as text files in fasta format. A separate repository of genes associated with target site resistance to herbicide for economically important weed species is also available. These sequences were acquired from the NCBI Nucleotide database.


The idea for the repository was developed by Dr. Scott McElroy and former graduate student Dr. Shu Chen with the help of former computer science undergraduate student Tony Barnhardt. A small repository was hosted at Auburn University beginning in summer 2014 (http://www.auburn.edu/academic/agriculture/cses/WeedGenomics/). The initial repository contained five transcriptome databases and was limited to annotated keyword searches. Beginning in 2016, Dr. McElroy begin expanding the repository to include more species and improve functionality. Computer Science graduate students Sunit Sivaraj and Sumeet Wilkhu were added to the development team beginning in 2017.


The Repository for Genomic Data of Weed Species is expanding on a daily basis. Our goal is to create a community of users that grows the number of researchers interested in the genomics of weed species. Our goal is to create a user experience that draws more researchers to weed genomics. We want to hear from you regarding your ideas for growing the repository. Please see our Contact Us page to communicate your questions, concerns, and ideas for improving the repository.

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