Past and Current Contributors

Scott McElroy

Dr. Scott McElroy is a Professor in the Department of Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences in the College of Agriculture at Auburn University. His primary research focus is on weed science with emphasis on herbicide usage in turfgrass and detection and management of herbicide resistant weeds in turfgrass. Dr. McElroy's weed genomics lab primarily focuses on evolution and ecology of Poa annua, Eleusine indica, and Cyperus species. Dr. McElroy also manages an extensive turfgrass science research program and is currently an elected board member to the International Turfgrass Society. Dr. McElroy is a member of the Weed Science Society of America, former board member for the Southern Weed Science Society, and an associate editor for Weed Technology. Google Scholar Profile

The Repository of Weed Species Genomic Information was developed using resources from Auburn University. Acknowledgement is given to this contribution.

Sunit Sivaraj

Sunit is a graduate student in the department of Computer Science at Auburn University. During his time as a Graduate student, and Graduate Research Assistant at Auburn University, he worked in the area of Model Driven Engineering and Artificial Intelligence. He is currently working as Full-Stack python/Django developer for the Weedgenomics website, with responsibilities including development, deployment, and maintenance of the product.

Sumeet Wilkhu

Sumeet was a former graduate student of Auburn University. As a Graduate Research Assistant in Computer Science department, he worked on many interesting topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Web Development etc. and completed his thesis in 2017. He worked on WeedGenomics search engine as a Full-Stack Developer with various responsibilities of development as well as deployment of the product. He is currently working as an Automation engineer at Equifax.

Shu Chen

Shu was a former graduate student of Auburn University and worked in Dr. McElroy’s lab from 2012 to 2015. During his graduate study, Shu mainly focused on constructing high-quality, well annotated transcriptomes and genomes for weed species and deciphering molecular mechanisms underlying herbicide resistances, and helped initialize weedgenomics website and database. Currently, Shu is an Associate Professor at South China Agricultural University, working on functional characterization of genes and networks associated with cold tolerance of a tropical forage, Stylosanthes.

Tony Barnhardt

Tony Barnhardt is a former undergraduate student in Computer Science at Auburn University. Tony was instrumental in the development of the initial WeedGenomics test site in 2014 and helping to develop some data processing scripts using Python.